New Products Launched in 2019

In 2109, UCI introduced a new line of silicone-backed removable products, including; Whiteboard Sheets, Labels, and Tape, among other products. The silicone utilized is the highest quality, food-grade silicone available.

Our silicone-backed products are acid and corrosion resistant and will not react to any other materials. Items using the removable backing may be applied and removed many times - without harm to be the wall and without leaving any glue or other traces of application. When required, the silicone backing can be restored by washing with water and detergent.

The silicone-backed products are suitable to be applied to any smooth glossy surface, including; walls, glass, ceramic tile, metal, plastic, painted wood, etc. No glue or nails required, just remove the back covering and apply it to the desired surface.

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