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Main categories of office supplies

Office supplies include office equipment, office supplies, printer repairs, on-site toner cartridges, office supplies, labor insurance supplies, daily necessities, cleaning supplies, business gifts, sporting goods, etc. What are the main categories of office supplies? Let me explain it in detail below. Office supplies are mainly classified  1. Office equipment: copiers, printers, attendance clocks, paper shredders, currency counters, currency detectors, fax machines, telephones, multifunction machines;   2, office supplies: ink cartridges, toner cartridges, ribbons , Toner;  3, safes, file cabinets, newspapers and magazines, file trays, labels, invitations, certificates, electronic whiteboards, whiteboards and accessories;  4, office paper: copy paper, fax paper, printing paper, inkjet paper;   5 , Pens: watercolor pens, signature pens, highlighters, pencils, fountain pens, markers, whiteboard pens, fountain pens;   6, business card holder, business card case, battery, seal, stamp table, tape, cutting seat, glue, bookends
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