• Dry Erase Sticky Planner
    Dry Erase Sticky Planner    Product Introduction Our Dry Erase Sticky Note / Planner LIKE a magnet to shiny surfaces using Vac-sorb technology - post it to any smooth shiny surfaces like windows, glass, smooth walls,fridges, laptops, cabinets, Lockers,whiteboards, mirrors, doors using our sticky, reusable, no-residue removable backing ,…
  • Custom made Dry Erase Sticky Note
    Custom made Dry Erase Sticky Note 
  • Dry Erase Sticky Note
    Dry Erase Sticky Note 
  • Silicone Removable Reusable Whiteboard Film / Whiteboard
     Removable soft whiteboard is made by imported highlight Nano whiteboard film mounted with imported removable glue. For whiteboard film, it is fluently written and easy to erase, and it can be used more than 100,000 times of erasing and writing without any trace. For removable side, it can be…
  • Removable Dry Erase Sticky Note Pad
     Product Name Silicone Stickers Material liner film Silicone rubber backing + PE foam + permanent glue + liner film Features Eco- Friendly, easy to stick and remove, trace less, leave no glue, no harm to the wall, and can be located and reusable, can work on high temperature. Dimension…
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